Our 20 years of experience, the highest quality service, equipment and the working process organization ensures innovative and unique fulfilment of consumer needs.

Even if you have the most specific needs and requirements, we are ready to bring them to life.

In our packaging division we have two semi-automatic packaging lines, which pack plastic containers with tablets and capsules, one fully automatic blistering and one cartoning line. Our blister packs are produced in a completely automated process by our state-of-the-art blister pack machine while monitored in real time to ensure the most efficient packaging process possible. Nevertheless, high speed with up to 6 blisters per cycle. Over 35.000 blisters per 8 hours. 

We have various die-cuts and punches that offer us numerous possibilities.

Do you need different capsules or tablets in one blister or 1-tablet blisters for sampling purposes or just odd blister shape? Our specialists will make it happen.

There are 3 different formats for blisters:

68x97 mm; 88x98 mm; 68х125 mm

There can be placed from 2 to 20 tablets or capsules into one blister.

We are the only company in Europe, which has special blistering equipment able to fill one blister with three different components, and in result of this we have a unique food supplement product. In such way we can create unique “duo format” with 2 different tablets or capsules in one blister or even “trio format” with 3 different components in one blister. The blister should be perforated to blister strips, which allows for your customer to take only one or few blister strips and to carry.

Why Use Blister Packaging?

    • Attractive Packaging Solution
    • Package up to three different products (capsules or tablets of different shapes)
    • Different packaging configurations, such as unit dose and kitting (from 1 to 100 and a larger amount of tablets or capsules per package is available)
    • From 1 to 100 tablets and capsules in one cartonnage
    • Possibility of stamping directly on aluminum foil
    • Provides Additional Protection to Products
    • Perforation of blister strips 

          Blister packs are the ideal hygienic and user-friendly packaging for your capsules and tablets. We combine customised solutions with extensive production capacity, allowing us to supply blisters in any size and shape fast and efficiently. Our equipment as well as many years lasting contacts with suppliers of tablets and capsules from EU countries ensure the possibilities and flexibility: in short terms and if needed, in small amount to produce required products.

          Full service

          From idea to final product.


          The ability to produce products in short terms and even small batches if required.


          We take the greatest care of every manufacturing process.
          If you are interested in any contract manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us.