Ph.D. Vidmantas Dirsė
Head of Manufacturing Division

“Do you need to pack your capsules or tablets and produce the final product? Leave it to me. I have a lot of innovative ideas and technical solutions how to pack products. Please, let me know if you have any questions.”

Aušra Išaraitė
Business Development Manager

“I am glad to help you develop unique products for you. By listening to your requirements, anticipating your needs I will find the best solution. Our long-term cooperation with the leading global manufacturers allows offer high quality products and services for competitive price.  I’m waiting for your request.” 

Žydrūnė Pauliūtė
Marketing Project Manager

„Your exclusive packages are a key selling point for your brand. It‘s my competence and responsibility to create the final package for your product. You can rest easy knowing I will create a beautiful design and also take care of the visual and all necessary information which food supplement requires. I‘ll find the best solution for you. “

Sergejus Koroliovas
Quality Assurance Manager

“We'll provide you with high quality services and safe food supplements that meet the requirements of the European Union. We comply with HACCP standards that regulate the quality, safety and benefits of food supplement. If you need additional services such as registration of a food supplement in the Baltic States or in the Eastern markets, please contact me. ““.   

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