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The success of the product largely depends on the product packaging.

We know what stands out to customers and what doesn’t, as we are food supplement & vitamin packaging Experts. You can leave it for us easy knowing we will create a beautiful design. We take care of the visual, tactile & nutrition facts information. “Domus Naturae” can create a package to match the unique look of your brand. We are innovative, flexible and we can adjust to the needs of consumers. After the product is created, it’s time to put them inside a type of package. Our automated packaging machines make it quick, clean and efficient.

We offer a huge variety of packaging and labeling services.

Any kind of bottles and blister cards, including all manufacturing and assembly processes necessary for the final product to be prepared.

  • Packaging blisters to the boxes

In a blister pack, your products are protected and will keep for all shelf life. As your full-service partner, we will take care of all packaging, including the boxes, possible information leaflets and we deliver to you ready-to-sell packaged products.

  • Packing in glass or plastic jars
In order to produce glass or plastic jars, with a screw cap or a push cap, we cooperate with reliable suppliers of raw materials and we can offer the packaging at high quality and at competitive prices. We take care of everything for you, including labelling and packing in folding boxes.

Other packaging options.

  • Packing of gummies in to glass or plastic jars
  • Packing chewing gum or dragee in to blister and to the final package
  • Ointment and toothpaste packing into final package
  • Labeling service (batch numbers on labels or boxes)
  • Repacking
We take care of everything for you, including labelling and packing in folding boxes. The products are completely ready to be sold.

Any packing request is welcome.

We cooperate with innovative, fast and modern printing houses which use the best equipment. Also, we can adjust our existing possibilities or we can even develop an entirely new packaging solution for you. Speak to our representative about product packaging capabilities.

Full service

From idea to final product.


The ability to produce products in short terms and even small batches if required.


We take the greatest care of every manufacturing process.
If you are interested in any contract manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us.